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9 hours ago
:iconemilwicz:Emilwicz has changed their username (formerly AquarianBabe)
as much as i love this place
it’s odorless as i search fervently,
like a blue-black raven
looking for a lost ring in a
sea of slivers and grass,
for a scent of you others
get to call home

but there are countless
miles of landmarks and
highway routes collecting
spackled wishes and
keeping your comfort
and company
from me (for now)

but yet a Southern breeze
honeyed by late night skype calls,
1:42pm texts
- the sound of your nose scrunching
when you light up the room
settles inside of me
like home
please don’t grasp onto
my paper thin
pin-holed walls,
like i myself can puppeteer
the architect to
freely erect them once
you’ve overspent your

my roof is paper thin
& pin-holed, too,
space-way destinations
counted like constellated lambs,
glowing white against a midnight,
rolling hill
& sometimes falling
back to my paper thin
& pin-holed self,
escaping the big bad wolf,
for only  a blink

please don’t pin-hole
my already paper thin walls with
your perpetually grasping
caterpillar ways
for i am not a leaf on a branch
i am a glowing white lamb
& i belong to the rolling,
midnight hill
January 23rd's Poem: I lost count to be honest so fucccckit I'm just going to be dating them. This speaks to me so easily.
cracked & weary bones crumble
arising from ashen destruction, a you I know not of
you’re not the butterflies playing my ribs like piano
you’re not heavy tempo heart beats
keeping me from feeling that that breath would be my end

you are glistening fishing sinkers and I the
worm on your hook
You are the salt and I am a strung salmon
meant to be seasoned

you’re not butterflies playing my ribs
you’re knives bypassing liquefied bones
you’re not
but you still live inside wastelanded chest cavities, and instead
of being scared of you I call you home
Home is Where the Heart Decays
Day 2 out of 365: Not sure how I feel about this one. It was actually a little emotional for me to write.
i hastily taught
5:00pm lilac clouds, setting against a periwinkle sky
how it truly felt to be captured by gravity

they laughed wispily
beckoning my steps back at 5:00am instead
when the sun would not yet be part of the oncoming day
so they could teach me
that their bellies caressed the earth
before 5:00am turned to 7:00 turned to 9:00
licking flames of the sun coaxing their curves
back to the sea in the sky
Day 3 out of 365: This one is a little late as I fell asleep quite a bit earlier than I had intended to the night before. It's still the 18th though!


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